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Distressed is in!

Used to be if you had a hole in your shirt, you'd toss it or try to fix it (but probably just toss it because fixing it is nonsense). But these days when you get a tear, snag, or rip in your clothes just make the hole bigger, man. Distressing your clothes is nothing...

Utility/Military Jacket

According to the runways, military greens are back on trend - but honestly, I feel like they never really went out of style.  A military jacket, army jacket, utility jacket, whatever you want to call it - it always looks stylish to me.  This kind of light jacket is...

Leather leggings!

Nobody wants to be that girl:  You know, the one who looks majorly uncomfortable in her too-tight jeans or fidgets through an entire workday in a constricting dress.  Still, there's no need to swing to the other side of the pendulum and settle for leggings - unless,...

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